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Meet Raheel, a Pipeline Engineer

Raheel is our first character in a series of ‘A Day in the Life of…’ short animations, which have been produced as part of the launch of THEIA. Each animation features a different character and walks you through a typical day in their job role. To bring our characters to life, their names, personalities and looks are based on our engineers.

Penspen’s Production Team 📽️


A Day in the Life of Raheel, a Pipeline Engineer


Name: Raheel

Job Role: Pipeline Engineer

Likes: Arabica coffee

Pain Points: The time it takes to handle and analyse data

Raheel sees the advancements in In-Line Inspection (ILI) tool technology as a welcome improvement, however, it has resulted in an ever-increasing flow of data and consequently, more time required for analysis.

Raheel then turns to THEIA for support, his complete integrity management solution.

From data upload to generating the resulting reports takes a matter of minutes, with the alignment and correlation of inspection data from any vendor fully automated.

Raheel is now content with his cup of coffee, as he has a better insight into the health of his pipelines.