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Penspen awarded PIMS extension for Chilean mine

Penspen, a leading global provider of engineering and project management services to the energy industry, has been awarded a nine-month contract extension to provide pipeline integrity management systems (PIMS) for Chile’s Minera Los Pelambres copper mine, the fifth largest in the world, by Antofagasta Minerals.

Penspen was first employed to work on the project – located at 3,600m above sea level in the Andes Mountains and 200km north of Santiago de Chile – in 2010, when it conducted a gap analysis. Two years later, it developed a PIMS, corrosion management system, risk assessment and risk based inspection (RBI) and began providing specialist training for operations and maintenance staff at the mine. In 2014, Penspen implemented its PIMS and corrosion management system. It also introduced emergency plans, technical notes, a RBI update and provided in-line inspection support.

With this latest contract extension, Penspen will continue with the implementation of the PIMS and will provide additional technical assistance.

The work undertaken by Penspen will minimise the probability and consequences of failure to the 320km pipeline, which transports fluids from the mine.

Penspen’s Carl Mook, ‎EVP Americas, said: “This contract extension win marks the continuation of a great partnership between Antofagasta Minerals and Penspen.

This is a really interesting project due to its mountain location and the different geological and technical challenges that may arise. I am delighted that Penspen can both continue to support the project with our PIMS, and provide staff at the mine with the requisite training to ensure the continued health and longevity of the pipelines.”

Ignacio Rivera, Penspen’s General Manager Asset Integrity, Chile, added:

“I am immensely proud of the work which Penspen’s mining team has undertaken. It is because of their exceptional work ethic and dedication that we have secured this extension to the contract.”

The Minera Los Pelambres project was the first mining-related venture for Penspen, but the company has since undertaken a number of mining projects across Chile and Peru, as more businesses realise the potential of using pipelines to transport minerals and associated products.