We’ve worked on over 10,000 projects in over 100 countries around the world and tackled almost every conceivable challenge in the industry. From integrated engineering and project management services, to concept, feasibility and design of subsea pipelines and facilities in deep water, to comprehensive maintenance and rehabilitation of a wide range of oil and gas assets – there is no challenge too great for our team of experienced engineers, consultants and project managers.

  • Brae B, CCS Project

    Challenge Marathon Oil UK (MOUK) developed a submission as a part of the UK government’s…

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  • Carbon Capture and Storage for National Grid in the UK

    National Grid commissioned Penspen to undertake a research and development feasibility assessment into the transporting…

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  • Risk Based Inspection and Integrity Analysis of a Compression Station

    Risk Based Inspection (RBI) and integrity anaysis of a compressor station located in the Americas…

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  • Integrity Assessment of a 12” Pipeline

    Challenge The 12″ pipeline runs refined product in the terminal. The pipeline is 1.123 km…

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  • 2019 Annual Technical Integrity Assessment Reports

    Challenge To provide an Annual Technical Integrity Assessment (TIA) report covering the year 2019 operations…

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  • 2016 Annual Technical Integrity Assessment Reports

    Challenge To provide Technical Integrity Assessment (TIA) report covering latest year of integrity management (2016)…

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  • Integrity Management and Compliance with Regulatory Requirements

    Challenge An offshore operator has developed a field as a tieback. The pipeline system consists…

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  • Development of a Risk Based Inspection Scheme

    Challenge To review and update the existing Risk Based Inspection (RBI) scheme for pipelines system…

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  • QRA for High Pressure Gas Pipelines

    We carried out a Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) for a pipeline running high pressure natural…

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