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Integrity and Energy Transition Consultancy Services for a National Gas Pipeline System

Integrity management support and hydrogen technical assessment for a national gas pipeline in Europe.




National Gas Operator

  • Onshore
  • Offshore
  • Integrity Management Consultancy
  • Energy Transition Consultancy
  • Hydrogen Blending
  • Risk-Based Inspection
  • GAP Analysis
  • Fitness for Service Assessment


The client, a national gas company, transports natural gas from the Georgia border interface with the South Caucasus Gas Pipeline, traversing across Turkey to the Greek border.

They required technical and procurement consultancy services to support the operators Integrity Management System and Decision Process to assure safe, reliable, and cost-effective operation of the offshore and onshore pipeline, ensuring at the same time compliance with the local and international health, safety, and environmental requirements.

The client also wanted to explore innovative and sustainable solutions for the integration of hydrogen blending and injection into their pipeline and facilities while ensuring safety, efficiency, and adherence to industry standards.

Scope of Work

Penspen’s Asset Integrity team provided comprehensive integrity management support services – conducting risk-based inspections, AIMS Gap analysis, fitness for service assessments, and various technical support services. Our experienced personnel and expertise in integrity management were used to develop and implement the required procedures and assessments to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the client’s gas pipeline system.

Penspen’s Energy Transition team also conducted a comprehensive technical assessment of the client’s pipeline and facilities, evaluating compatibility, injection points, and utility systems. Our team provided practical recommendations for integrating hydrogen, synthetic methane, renewable energy, and electrification while offering engineering solutions and project management services.


Our expertise in integrity management, risk-based inspection, and assessment services helped minimise the risk of major incidents, ensuring integrity and safety of the client’s gas pipeline system and surrounding communities. By implementing a disciplined framework for managing the system’s integrity, Penspen enhanced the operational efficiency, environmental compliance, and adherence to local regulations, ultimately safeguarding the pipelines long-term viability and success.

The positive impact of the project goes beyond the client and infrastructure. It will benefit local communities and society by mitigating environmental impacts, enhancing energy security and accessibility, fostering education and research, and setting an example for sustainable energy practices to help meet net-zero.

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