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 ADIPEC 2023 in Review

Connecting the industry’s changemakers, the ADIPEC 2023 Technical Conference returned to Abu Dhabi between the 2-5th  October 2023. The world’s largest and most inclusive gathering for the energy industry saw over 2,200 companies from across the world, representing the entire energy ecosystem and beyond, come together to showcase the strategies and innovations that will define the future of energy and ensure an efficient energy transition.

See our conference highlights below.

All Eyes on the Energy Transition

In the year of shared global attention on climate change, ADIPEC was hosted under the theme of Decarbonising. Faster. Together., providing a forum for energy stakeholders to advance innovative solutions, generate new insights, spark innovation, and unite around collective action to phase out emissions while fostering industry growth.

With over 75 years of providing asset solutions across multiple energy sectors worldwide, Penspen has the technical experience and expertise to help accelerate the energy transition. We have been involved in many first-of-a-kind sustainability projects across the global energy industry – from complete engineering, design and consenting expertise to hydrogen assessment feasibility studies – our well versed team have the know-how to effectively advise clients on low carbon-related opportunities from a project financing and development, regulatory and infrastructure standpoint.

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Digitalisation and the Future of Energy

Leading experts in the pipeline industry, like Penspen, were able to demonstrate how we are developing innovative solutions and methodologies that combine in-depth engineering expertise with digitalisation to ensure that future pipeline networks are safe and reliable and that the networks comply with future energy transportation demands. As a result, Penspen were able to provide numerous demonstrations of THEIA, the brand-new digital solution for effective pipeline integrity management, to show how digitalising pipeline data can improve decision-making, increase pipeline uptime, reduce inspection frequency, and decrease OPEX.

At ADIPEC, for the first time Penspen were also able to introduce THEIA’s latest feature – The Hydrogen Toolkit. 

Developed as part of our ongoing commitment to digital transformation and the energy transition, THEIA has been equipped with a Hydrogen Toolkit that provides critical insights into the influence of hydrogen on pipeline systems. THEIA has implemented multiple modules that will empower engineering teams and enable them to assess the impact of hydrogen on new or existing pipelines. 

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