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Penspen announces launch of Energy Transition Consultancy

Low carbon and hydrogen-related projects at the forefront as company defines pathway to net zero.

Penspen today announced the launch of its dedicated Energy Transition Consultancy – a multi-disciplinary centre of expertise to lead the international energy industry on the pathway to net zero emissions.

The Consultancy brings together a range of industry-leading energy transition experts with the know-how to effectively advise clients on low carbon-related opportunities from a project financing and development, regulatory and infrastructure standpoint. The move further strengthens Penspen’s position as a trusted partner in the development and management of infrastructure across the energy sector, providing the technical knowledge required for the industry to reduce carbon emissions and produce cleaner energy across the globe.

Penspen CEO Peter O’Sullivan said: “Our focus is to improve access to sustainable energy for communities worldwide. We face several challenges in doing that, whether related to the wider economy or to the scale of the investment in the energy sector required. The teams that make up our Energy Transition Consultancy have the broad range of skills required to help our clients navigate the challenges that lie ahead and achieve the goal of net zero emissions, no matter their location or stage on their decarbonisation journey.

“By working together with operators and their supply chains, we are helping to find the solutions to these challenges, moving us towards a cleaner world with a brighter future from which we will all benefit. However, we need to develop the energy systems of tomorrow whilst continuing to deliver on the energy needs of today and will continue to support our clients in this regard.”

Penspen’s energy transition work is built around four pillars of expertise: building new hydrogen & CO2 infrastructure, the repurposing of existing infrastructure for the energy transition, operating with hydrogen & CO2, and maintaining infrastructure to maximise its lifecycle. The company’s work in these four pillars spans a range of services, including: Engineering & Project Management, Asset Integrity, Asset Management, Digital Services, alongside the company’s Centre of Engineering Excellence.

The teams that make up the Energy Transition Consultancy have been involved in many first-of-a-kind sustainability projects across the global energy industry, including:

  • Complete engineering and consenting for a large-scale hydrogen production hub
  • Hydrogen assessment feasibility study for a power station
  • Carbon capture and storage for an onshore/offshore operator
  • Hydrogen blending facility design for natural gas and transmission system
  • Fitness for service and fracture control for a gas transportation pipeline
  • Repurposing power stations for hydrogen
  • Cathodic protection programmes for solar power installations

Penspen’s Energy Transition Consultancy Team is comprised of Senior Engineers and Consultants with extensive experience building low carbon fuel infrastructure, as well as talented young engineers developed through the company’s successful graduate programme.  This programme emphasises Penspen’s commitment to investing in growing the engineering talent pool to help further energy transition knowledge.

Peter added: “Penspen have launched this consultancy in response to an increased focus on low carbon fuels such as hydrogen across the energy industry and to address the need to overcome the global dependence on fossil fuels. We believe a key factor in reducing hard to abate sources of carbon emissions, such as domestic heating, industrial heating and heavy vehicle transportation, will be the ability to reuse existing infrastructure at least initially.”

The announcement comes following the recent COP27 conference in Egypt where Peter addressed delegates on hydrogen and the energy transition, sharing knowledge on how a significant scale-up of low carbon hydrogen is required to decarbonise hard to abate sectors – reducing both carbon emissions and production costs.

Penspen is an active member of associations including World Hydrogen Leaders, Hydrogen Europe, Energy Industries Council, North West Hydrogen Alliance (UK), and Offshore Energies UK (OEUK), supporting building a brighter energy future through collaboration.

To learn more about The Consultancy:

Visit the Penspen Energy Transition Consultancy page.

For media enquiries:

  • Roxie Nilsson, Global Marketing and Communications Manager, Penspen: r.nilsson@penspen.com
  • Andy Groundwater, Fifth Ring: andy.groundwater@fifthring.com