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Why do we decommission facilities? This can be because they have reached their end of service life, they are now not economic, they have become unsafe to operate or the asset requires mothballing for future re-use or the organisations reputation is being effected.

The decommissioning process starts with the interpretation of national regulations and international treaties to determine the requirements. It them moves on to data gathering and review before the evaluation of the options based on legislation, environmental impact, safety, technical feasibility, and cost. Further to this it is necessary to identify the post-decommissioning obligations of the pipeline owner in terms of surveillance and maintenance requirements. Before actually contracting it is necessary to prepare all the documents for tendering, including scope of work, procedures and work packs.

We have been involved in many decommissioning projects for operators and governmental bodies since the early 90’s and have experience of a number of different legislative regimes and environments.

Our services

Our services include:

  • Establishing the rules based on prevailing laws, international standards and company guidelines
  • Establishing the best option based on an assessment of environmental impact, safety, practical/technical considerations and cost
  • Cost estimates to ascertain liability
  • Preparation of contractors scopes of works and specifications