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Failure Investigation

Failure investigation is a vital tool for feeding back information to improve asset operational performance. Failure Investigation is the process of understanding the key attributes of a particular failure and identifying the likely causes of failure. A formal method for assessing failures is a Root Cause Analysis (RCA). An RCA is the process of conducting an analysis to identify the physical, human, and latent causes of a particular undesirable event. Root causes can be: specific underlying causes, those that can reasonably be identified, and those that are controllable and fixable and those where prevention is possible.

Most operators have formal processes for failure investigation and RCA, where important findings are fed back into the system to improve future integrity and reliability.

We have been involved with a large number of failure investigations and have used the experience to improve our own approaches to asset integrity management and emergency response preparedness.

Our services

Our services include:

  • Independent investigation into the cause of the failure;
  • Definition of actions needed for safe short term operation;
  • Determine a safe future life;
  • Laboratory testing of failed components;
  • Forensic engineering;
  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA);
  • Expert witness testimony for insurance, accident investigation and product liability.