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There are four types of maintenance philosophies. These are corrective, preventive, risk-based and condition-based maintenance. In complex assets, all types are used. The challenge is creating the optimum balance between reliability and cost of the maintenance being undertaken.

  • Corrective maintenance – This is where maintenance is carried out following failure. This approach is based on the cost of the failure being lower than the investment required for a maintenance programme;
  • Preventive maintenance – Maintenance carried out at predetermined intervals to reduce the failure risk;
  • Risk-based maintenance/reliability centred maintenance – Maintenance based on a formal assessment process;
  • Condition-based maintenance – Maintenance based on the equipment performance monitoring and the control of the corrective actions taken as a result.

Penspen have considerable experience in deriving maintenance strategies and plans for complex onshore and offshore assets using tried and tested standard methodologies.

Our services

  • Derivation of maintenance strategies;
  • Derivation of maintenance plans.