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ADMA-OPCO becomes first gulf operator to join PDAM initiative

Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company (ADMA-OPCO) has become the first oil company in the Middle East to join the Pipeline Defect Assessment Manual (PDAM), a joint industry initiative that shares best practices on the assessment of defects in pipelines.

PDAM presents the best currently available methods for the assessment of pipeline defects (such as corrosion, dents, gouges, weld defects, etc.), in a simple and easy-to-use manual. It is based on an extensive critical review of published methods and test data and is intended to assist pipeline engineers in effectively maintaining their pipelines.

Initiated in 1999 by Penspen, the PDAM project continues today, with the next update due in 2014. Penspen produced the PDAM using its extensive knowledge of pipeline defect assessment, and continues to provide the project management.

In addition to demonstrating their commitment to best practice standards and cutting edge-assessment techniques, sponsors of the PDAM initiative gain exclusive access to:

  • The Pipeline Defect Assessment Manual, a 473 page manual containing the detailed methods needed to assess a variety of defects in pipelines.
  • Sixteen pipeline defect assessment literature reviews, researched and written to provide a sound technical basis for the recommended methods in PDAM.
  • Thirty spreadsheets covering the methods in PDAM.
  • Thirty spreadsheets containing the full scale test data that form the basis of many recommended methods in PDAM.

To date, the initiative has been sponsored by 21 major operators including Exxon, BP, Total and Shell. ADMA-OPCO’s decision to join the initiative marks a strategic step forward both for the PDAM group and for operators across the Gulf region.

“ADMA-OPCO’s sponsorship of the Pipeline Defect Assessment Manual is excellent news, not only for them and those involved in the PDAM initiative, but for the wider oil and gas industry as a whole”, said Dr. Phil Hopkins, Technical Director, Penspen. “The more we can share and standardise best practice methods, the better we will become as an industry at assessing and addressing defects. Penspen is delighted to welcome ADMA-OPCO and we hope their membership of PDAM will inspire other operators in the Middle East.”

“We are delighted that ADMA-OPCO has signed up to PDAM”, said Ibrahim Washash, Regional Manager – Middle East, Assets Integrity Management Services, Penspen. “I hope that other Gulf operators will follow suit once they realise the breadth and depth of expertise the joint industry group has developed in assessing pipeline defects.”

“As a major Oil and Gas producer in the Gulf region, ADMA-OPCO realises the importance of asset sustainability and availability”, said Mr. Hassan Al Hamadi, Inspection Services Manager, ADMA-OPCO. “We believe that PDAM is a valuable initiative that effectively contributes to ensuring the integrity of our pipelines through practical pipeline technical assessments.”

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