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Early Production Facilities

Maximising recovery in the modern oil and gas industry means maximising financial returns as quickly as possible. One way to do this is through early production facilities (EPFs), which provide operators with a flexible, relatively low cost solution for bringing discoveries on stream in rapid time and opportunities for early cash flow generation with a minimal outlay in capex and opex.

EPFs can deliver fast track real time insight into initial well, reservoir or infrastructure performance, generating income and assisting field evaluations in advance of the deployment of more expensive and longer-term systems. Furthermore, because of the relatively small financial commitment required, they can be well suited to the exploitation of smaller, marginal or remote reserves which may be economically too risky to run with a more costly permanent production facility.

Penspen’s EPF engineering and construction management capabilities cover a wide range of services designed to help operators move hydrocarbons from the wellhead to the export pipeline as quickly as possible. That can be through highly efficient gas compression and dehydration systems, crude oil treatment, stabilisation, metering and pumping or through production water treatment to injection wells. It also includes all the necessary support systems including power generation services, fuel gas systems, instrument air, control systems, fire and gas systems and the miscellaneous  utilities that can be part of the EPF process.

A major international oil and gas service company selected Penspen to provide detailed engineering support for the planning and construction of a gas, oil and water processing facility in the Middle East. The production facility includes gas, oil, and water separation, oil export, gas treatment, effluent water treatment and disposal, sulphur recovery and associated systems.

The customer required a partner that could deliver multi disciplinary detailed engineering expertise, including PDMS and 3D modelling. Penspen engineering team, out of our Abu Dhabi office, successfully supported the client by providing the necessary detailed engineering and PDMS 3D modelling within a tight and challenging tight frame.

Following the success of this project, we were chosen to carry out a similar scope of work for another Middle East production facility. The facility also includes gas, oil and water separation, oil processing, oil export, gas treatment, effluent water treatment and disposal, a sulphur recovery unit and associated systems.

Penspen have the capability and experience to deliver fast, cost-effective solutions that bridge the gap between discovery and profitable production.